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  • MyCoachOnline


    The world's largest video based sports instruction site, MyCoachOnline features new video on a regularly scheduled basis. Designed to be easy to use MyCoachOnline is for coaches, athletes and parents participating in sports at any level.

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  • The Total Pitching Program

    The Total Pitching Program

    The total pitching program is a manual that has developed over years of coaching college level pitchers that covers drills, charting and more.

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  • The Baseball Playbook

    The Baseball Playbook

    This is the site for the #1 best selling baseball instructional text of all time. With over 100,000 sold, The Baseball Playbook by Ron Polk has sold more than 4 times as many copies as the next closest text.

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  • MyGrillOnline


    Are you a griller? MyGrillOnline is the place to learn how to do it with style and taste! You'll find video covering the tips that make your grill creations stand out!

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  • Magic City Today


    Birmingham Alabama is what MagicCityToday is about, you'll find video, photos and articles about Birmingham

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  • My School Excuse


    Sometime during the school year almost everyone will need an excuse for an absence or a note to check out, and that excuse can sometimes be an aggravation, but it's ALWAYS important. MySchoolExcuse lets you send your excuses directly from your cell phone or any computer instantly and provides yo a safe, secure record that the excuse was delivered.

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  • Southeastern Line Camp

    Southeastern Line Camp

    Southeastern Line Camp is for high school level football offensive and defensive linemen, and works on skills that will enable any football lineman reach his full potential.

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  • My Outdoors Online


    If it involves the great outdoors, you'll find someting about it here.

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