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E-Commerce to sell your stuff

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If you like making money, an e-commerce solution is a logical step to expand your market reach. If you ship physical products, collect membership dues, grant access based on a subscription model or offer pay-per-view services...we have your e-commerce solution.

Below, we've listed a few of the things we think every e-commerce solution should accomplish and as always, I encourage you to give me a call (205.587.2665) or send me an email if you have any questions or if you want to discuss your needs.

Contact us now via email or 205.587.2665

Inspire Customer Confidence

E-Confidence is inspired by a few big things and lots of little things...nobody makes a purchase online unless they are confident they will receive the product they need after a safe, secure transaction.

Answer Customer Questions

Your customer may have questions about your products, about shipping and return polices, about your website or even about YOU. If your e-commerce solution can quickly and effectively answer your customers have a sale.

Integrate seamlessly With Your website

Your website, shopping cart and checkout pages should maintain the look and feel of YOUR website and should not make the customer feel like they are getting your product via a trip to mars.

Multi-Media Options

Whatever it takes to sell your product should just work. Text, photos and video all combine in our online store to help sell your products.

Inventory Your Products

The IBC e-commerce solution has back end inventory calculations built in so you always know how many of each product you have available. In addition to knowing what you've sold, you can set email inventory alerts when stock gets below a certain level.

Other Features

IBC e-commerce solutions have a fully functional content management system that lets you set the parameters you want to set. Need a $5 discount to the first 5 customers? Need to run a special on Friday only between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM? Need shipping records and alerts? It's all there and if you can think of something else you need...we can build it!

Contact us now via email or 205.587.2665

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