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what is content management?

Content management is simply adding, removing or altering the content on your website in some manner. It's not a complicated idea. In practice it shouldn't be complicated either.

Your Content Management System (CMS) is the software that performs content management tasks for you...while you sleep, play or go to the bank. Scratch the bank part, our e-commerce solution handles that automatically.

What features are in a content management system?

The basic content management system allows you to add a Christmas turkey recipe to your website in August, hide it until December 1st, add it to your email blast on December 5th and 12th, then remove it on December 26th.

The level of complexity grows from there. You can add video or photos in the same way. You can tie your newest content to your email blast lists. You can count views of your content so you'll be able to generate popularity lists. If you can think of something you want to do with your can be done.

Is a CMS always complicated?

Every job we do is based on an assessment of your needs ensuring you get what works best for you. The end result is a content management system that is simple, fast and effective.

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